Seven good reasons,

why Nautilus is the winning system!

Nautilus is the key to your success in the dynamic world of media. Let yourself be inspired by groundbreaking functions, intuitive operation and a wealth of optimization options.

  • Seven good reasons, why Nautilus is the winning system!

Comprehensive solution

Nautilus booking software is an innovative and comprehensive solution for advertisers and marketers looking for an efficient and effective way to manage their campaigns. With a wide range of features and integrations, Nautilus enables seamless execution of advertising efforts across multiple channels and platforms.

AdServer Integration

Thanks to the integration of various AdServers such as GAM, Adition, Xandr, FreeWheel, AdsWizz and SmartX, the delivery of ads across all popular platforms and formats is made possible. This makes Nautilus a true all-rounder in the field of digital and classic advertising.

Cross Media Distribution System

The cross media distribution system is one of the main advantages of Nautilus, as it offers solutions for online, mobile, digital out of home, cinema, print, audio and TV. This makes it possible to plan and implement targeted and consistent campaigns across different media.

Blacklisting and whitelisting

With blacklisting and whitelisting capabilities, customer, ad form, and minimum CPM settings can be customized. This ensures that ad placement meets customer requirements and delivers optimal results.

Countless interfaces

Nautilus also provides multiple interfaces, such as CRM system, SAP, Data Warehouse, Wasmuth MediaService, including DBCFM, SSPS/DSPS and Programmatic Imports. These integrations enable easy and fast data transfer and processing between different systems.

Multi marketer

Another advantage of Nautilus is the ability to set up seats for multiple marketers in the system. This gives each marketer access to the information relevant to them and allows them to manage and optimize their campaigns accordingly.

Complete process

The complete process of campaign management, including offer, order, delivery and billing, including correction instead of credit voucher process, is mapped in Nautilus. This enables transparent and efficient handling of advertising campaigns.

Complex discount and billing procedures

Billing in Nautilus is based on complex discount and billing procedures that enable both agency and publisher billing. This ensures accurate and fair billing for all parties involved.

Powerful and flexible

In summary, Nautilus booking software is a powerful and flexible solution for advertisers and marketers that simplifies and streamlines the entire campaign planning, delivery and billing process. With Nautilus, you can focus on developing and executing successful and effective advertising campaigns while the system manages the technology and processes in the background.

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