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The instream and video marketing genres combined with the ISS Nautilus booking software, which can book directly to the ad server, brings numerous advantages and special features specifically designed to meet the requirements of video advertising:

  1. multiple video formats By connecting the booking software and ad server, publishers and marketers can offer a wide range of video and audio formats, such as instream ads, outstream ads, pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls. Blacklisting and whitelisting settings can be defined for advertisers, helping to ensure that campaigns only ever run where they should be delivered for each booking. Availabilities can be displayed and selected in the booking system at the click of a button. The control of the offer request via Nautilus ensures the quick mapping of the possible reach in an offer and increases the probability for the advertiser to reach the desired target groups.
  2. targeted targeting Video advertising allows precise targeting of audiences by using user data such as demographics, interests and behavior. The booking software is tailored to easily integrate this data into campaign planning and execution to effectively reach the desired audiences.
  3. viewability and engagement measurement The direct connection to the ad server allows to measure the viewability and the engagement of the users with the video ads and also to store them automatically on the ad server as target values such as CPV or CPCV and as new campaign targets. This gives publishers and marketers the chance to obtain valuable information about the performance of their campaigns and use it automatically for optimization.
  4. interactive elements Video advertising offers the possibility to integrate interactive elements such as call-to-action buttons, surveys or links, which can increase user retention and conversion rates. The booking software supports publishers and marketers in this and also integrates such complex special advertising forms.
  5. cross-device campaigns The connection of booking software and ad server makes it possible to plan and execute video campaigns across different devices such as desktop, mobile and connected TV. This increases the reach of campaigns and realizes a consistent user experience across all devices.
  6. campaign optimizations The direct integration of booking software and ad server allows publishers and marketers to keep track of all campaigns and the achievement of campaign goals. In exchange with agencies and customers, it is possible to react quickly to changing targets or impending underdeliveries in the streaming area and to adjust the campaigns accordingly.

All in all, the marketing genre of instream and video in combination with the booking software, which books directly onto the ad server, impresses with a high degree of flexibility, efficiency and precision, which are specifically tailored to the requirements of the video advertising market. This allows advertisers to optimally reach their target groups and successfully implement their video advertising campaigns.

Nautilus maps the complete campaign management process of offer, order and delivery. Billing for publishers or agencies comes from one system and can be based on complex discount and billing procedures.

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