Customer Relationship Management

Via an interface to the CRM system, your master data is regularly synchronized with Nautilus. Here you can easily edit the transferred data in the accessible modules and integrate it into the campaign management.

Customer Management

In Nautilus Customer Management you can record all important information, such as contact or administrative data, and define their relationships with other customers. In addition, you can store customer-specific contracts for discount agreements.
  • screenshot "customer management"

Customer Relations

The fixed hierarchical relationships between the different types of customers (publisher, advertiser, agency) are supported and respected by Nautilus.


You can use blacklists to exclude placements for specific customers. Placements excluded by a blacklist are not transferred to the ad server when a campaign is booked.
  • screenshot "blacklists"

Task Management

Maximize your productivity with Nautilus task management. To ensure fluid workflows, Nautilus checks for tasks related to specific processes or to optimize campaigns. Task management then automatically creates targeted to-dos that are assigned to the appropriate user accounts. For more flexibility in workflows, you can also create manual ToDo's and assign them to your employees according to their needs and responsibilities.

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