The marketing genre print in conjunction with the booking software ISS Nautilus brings numerous advantages and special features that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of print advertising:

  1. central master data management All important master data, such as contact information, accounting data and relationships between customers, can be managed in one booking system. Master data is defined centrally once and can then be easily used in campaigns.
  2. extensive order management Based on the stored master data and with additional individualized properties, extensive orders can be created and placed. 
  3. dispolists for optional placement control By using dispolists as a central tool for planning placement requests, perfectly placed print campaigns can be launched. 
  4. reporting and task management The reporting system and practical task management support efficient and productive collaboration. Interim reports provide information on the progress of a campaign. Tasks created automatically by the system or manually contribute to a smooth workflow.

All in all, the print marketing genre in combination with the booking software impresses with a high degree of flexibility, efficiency and precision, which are specially tailored to the requirements of the print advertising market. This enables advertisers to optimally reach their target groups and successfully implement their print advertising campaigns.

Nautilus maps the entire campaign management process of offer to order. Billing for publishers or agencies comes from one system and can be based on complex discount and billing procedures.

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