AdServer Integration

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AdServer Integration

Nautilus connects the adserver integration of positions with the sales, organisational and campaign management for you. While a single position is assigned to a single adserver, entire campaigns can be connected to different adservers via the placement of multiple positions. You can thereby exhaust all channels. The booking operations will be forwarded directly to the adservers to simplify the procedure for you. Adservers like Google Ad Manager (GAM), ADITION, Xandr, FreeWheel, AdsWizz or SmartX are already integrated into Nautilus.

Availability query

You can start the availability query directly from within Nautilus and influence the parameters if needed. The resulting projections arise directly from the properties of the campaign positions. You can immediatetly adjust the campaign based on this data.

Delivery inquiry

Nautilus' innovative delivery data query solution enables you to optimize your marketing strategies and keep track of ongoing campaigns. Nautilus provides automated and scheduled nightly queries with up-to-date delivery data. A clear and detailed structure of the query results provides precise analysis options. With the delivery completion of a fully delivered campaign, the complete documentation of your campaigns is created.

Campaign booking

You can start the campaign booking yourself. This way you have the opportunity to influence each parameter and create the campaign according to your vision or rebook.

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