CFlight® campaigns are an innovative approach to measuring and optimizing advertising campaigns that span multiple platforms and screens, such as linear TV, connected TV (CTV), over-the-top (OTT) services, and digital video platforms. CFlight® is designed to provide consistent reach measurement across platforms and evaluate the success of advertising campaigns based on advertising contacts (ad impressions) and fully viewed spots.
Modern booking systems can support the bidding and delivery process of CFlight® campaigns in several ways:

  1. platform integration Booking software enables the integration of data from different platforms such as linear TV, CTV, OTT and digital video platforms. This simplifies the planning and execution of CFlight® campaigns and helps broadcasters deliver their clients' advertising messages consistently across all channels.
  2. audience targeting The software supports audience targeting across all platforms by taking into account user demographics, viewing habits and interests. This allows broadcasters and marketers to offer the appropriate shows, timelines and platforms for their commercials, while advertisers effectively reach their target audiences.
  3. consistent reach measurement The booking software enables consistent and cross-platform reporting of reach measurement for CFlight® campaigns by capturing and aggregating ad impressions and fully viewed spots across all participating platforms. This gives advertisers a clear picture of the performance of their campaigns and enables better comparability with other advertising measures.
  4. real-time reporting and optimization The direct connection to the AdServer ensures reporting of the CFlight® campaigns, so that advertisers always receive up-to-date information about the delivery of their spots, the achieved reach and the success of their campaigns. This helps to monitor the performance of the campaigns and make adjustments if necessary.
  5. automated booking processes The booking software automates many processes such as shifts between digital video and linear TV reach related to CFlight® campaigns, such as creating quotes, orders, booking adjustments and invoices. This reduces manual effort and minimizes errors when planning and executing cross-platform advertising campaigns.

Overall, modern booking software like Nautilus supports the bidding and delivery process of CFlight® campaigns through platform integration, audience targeting, consistent reach measurement, real-time reporting, and automated booking processes. This enables publishers and marketers to help their customers optimally reach their target groups and successfully implement their mobile advertising campaigns.

Nautilus maps the complete campaign management process of offer, order and delivery. Billing for broadcasters or agencies comes from one system and can be based on complex discount and billing procedures.

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