Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV campaigns are advertising campaigns in which TV advertising inventory is bought and sold in an automated and data-driven way. In contrast to traditional TV media buying, which is based on manual negotiations and bookings, programmatic TV enables advertisers to reach their target groups more precisely and increase the efficiency of their campaigns.

Modern booking systems can support the bidding and delivery process of programmatic TV campaigns in the following ways:

  1. integration of data sources Booking software enables the integration of data sources such as target audience data, audience information and inventory availability. This helps advertisers to reach their target groups precisely and increase the efficiency of their campaigns.
  2. automating the buying process The software supports the automated buying of TV advertising inventory by automating the process of bidding, negotiating and booking. This reduces manual effort and helps advertisers plan and execute their campaigns faster and more efficiently.
  3. real-time optimization The direct connection to the ad server helps a broadcaster to monitor and optimize their clients' campaigns. For example, advertisers can quickly adjust or deactivate ads that are not performing as they should.
  4. cross-media planning Modern booking software such as Nautilus enables the integration of programmatic TV campaigns into cross-media plans that also include other advertising channels such as online, mobile, print or radio. This enables advertisers to consistently distribute their messages across different media and maximize their reach.
  5. transparent reporting The booking software creates transparent reporting of the programmatic TV campaigns by providing information about the delivery of the spots, the achieved reach and the success of the campaigns. This helps advertisers monitor the performance of their campaigns and make adjustments if necessary.

Overall, modern booking systems support the bidding and delivery process of programmatic TV campaigns by integrating data sources, automating the buying process, real-time optimization, cross-media planning and transparent reporting. This enables advertisers to plan and execute their TV campaigns more efficiently and reach their target groups.

Nautilus maps the complete campaign management process of offer, order and delivery. Billing for broadcasters or agencies comes from one system and can be based on complex discount and billing procedures.

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