Nautilus' billing capabilities allow publishers and media companies to effectively manage the entire financial process. You decide whether you want to bill monthly according to performance values or at the end of the campaign.

Automated invoicing

Nautilus automatically merges the invoice information you specify, such as delivery dates, payment intervals and recipient data. You can then create and send the invoice with one click.
  • screenshot "automated invoicing"

Automatic invoice dispatch

Nautilus not only takes care of the invoice creation for you, but also the invoice dispatch. Within the database, the invoices can be sent directly to the customer by e-mail with the stored contact details.
  • screenshot "automatic invoice dispatch"

Creation of mass invoices

You can create multiple invoices in a time-efficient way. Batch document creation makes it possible to create and send invoices for different customers at the same time.
  • screenshot "creation of mass invoices"

Easy cancellation

Cancellations can also be quickly created and sent in Nautilus. A single campaign position or even a complete, invoiced campaign can be cancelled and balanced with a credit note for the next billing period.

Invoice overview

You can quickly get an overview of the invoices already created, cancelled or still outstanding for the campaigns.
  • screenshot "invoice overview"

Annual agreements

Discount agreements with customers can be structured into advantageous annual agreements. Use annual agreements to structure your collaboration with your customers in a more structured way, with long-term planning and clear orientation. In addition, you and your customers benefit from attractive discounts right from the first booking.

Correction documents

Correction documents are another time-saver. You do not have to create cancellations for subsequent changes and adjustments to campaign items or rates, but can ensure precise and transparent billing with quickly created correction documents.

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