Automated spot by spot placement, a kind of linear ad server

A TV booking as spot-by-spot placement refers to the targeted placement of commercials within specific TV shows or time slots in order to effectively reach the desired target groups. Modern booking software such as Nautilus can support this process through various functions and automations:

  1. target group analysis Booking software enables detailed analysis of target groups by taking into account viewers' demographic data, viewing habits and interests. In this way, advertisers can select the appropriate shows and time slots for their commercials and precisely target their audiences.
  2. planning and optimization The software supports the planning process by providing information about broadcast times, commercial breaks and prices. Advertisers can plan and optimize their campaigns based on this data and use their budget efficiently.
  3. cross-media campaigns Modern booking software such as Nautilus supports the integration of TV bookings into cross-media campaigns that also include other advertising channels such as online, mobile, print or radio. This allows advertisers to consistently distribute their messages across different media and maximize their reach. See also C-Flight!
  4. real-time reporting The direct connection to the automated spot-by-spot placements, similar to an ad server, enables real-time reporting of TV bookings. Advertisers thus receive up-to-date information on the airing of their spots, the reach achieved and the success of their campaigns. This helps to monitor the performance of the campaigns and make adjustments if necessary.
  5. automated booking processes The booking software automates many processes related to TV bookings, such as the creation of quotes, orders and invoices. This reduces manual effort and minimizes errors in the planning and execution of TV campaigns. See also Programmatic TV!
  6. Quick adaptation to market changes Modern booking software such as Nautilus helps advertisers to react quickly to market changes or new trends in TV and adapt their campaigns accordingly. This ensures high flexibility and efficiency in TV marketing.

Overall, modern booking software like Nautilus supports the spot-by-spot placement process in TV through precise target group analysis, efficient planning and optimization, integration into cross-media campaigns, real-time reporting and automated booking processes. This enables broadcasters and marketers to help their customers reach their target groups in the best possible way and successfully implement their mobile advertising campaigns.

Nautilus maps the complete campaign management process of offer, order and delivery. Billing for publishers or agencies comes from one system and can be based on complex discount and billing procedures.

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