Our range of tools is diverse. This is how we make sure you have everything you need to create more efficient and effective full-process campaigns. Plan complex campaigns with different products and durations on a modern interface.

Offers and orders

The division of the campaign management into offers and orders gives you the possibility to record different work steps and development stages in the Nautilus logs. Any changes to the details of a campaign can be quickly shared and agreed with the client. Each editing option adapts to the stage of development.
  • screenshot "offers and orders"

Discounts and price increases

In addition to using predefined price lists, you can determine additional discounts and surcharges.
  • screenshot "discounts and price increases"

AdServer Integration

An automated availability query shows you whether your selected positions are available or which properties need to be adjusted before synchronisation.
The digital campaigns require your utmost attention even after they have gone live. Screenshots and reports need to be sent to clients promptly and campaign flights should be delivered on schedule. Nautilus automatically creates the tasks for these todo's and reminds your team of the next steps. Your customers will thank you.

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