DBCFM is your path to more automation in the IO business

DBCFM stands for Digital Booking Communication Format and digitizes your booking communication.

The advantages of DBCFM

Because the systems with DBCFM speak the same language on both sides, suppliers and buyers come into direct contact in standardized processes. As a supplier, you can use this method to submit offers or view and confirm booking requests more quickly. As a buyer, you can reach all marketers digitally, which makes communication with your marketer much easier.

Lightning-fast offers

Our ISS Nautilus booking system provides you with an interface to DBCFM. Using this module greatly reduces the manual effort involved in creating offers. This leads to a faster dispatch of offers and thus to a faster commissioning of campaigns. By providing standardized processes and uniform formats, transmission errors are avoided.

You can find more information about DBCFM at https://dbcfm.de/

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