Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

Modern booking software like Nautilus can support the process for DOOH bookings via DOOH-specific ad servers such as Ayuda by Hivestack or Broadsign. By automating and streamlining the entire digital-out-of-home campaign booking and delivery process, Nautilus provides efficient management of ad inventory, campaign planning, delivery and analytics.

  1. ad server integration The booking software can be linked to DOOH-specific ad servers such as Ayuda or Broadsign. This connect facilitates the planning, booking and delivery of DOOH campaigns and ensures that all systems involved can communicate with each other.
  2. automation of the booking process The software supports planning process of DOOH advertising inventory by automating the process of bidding, negotiation and booking. This reduces manual effort and helps advertisers plan and execute their campaigns faster and more efficiently.
  3. audience targeting The booking software enables audience targeting using demographic data, viewing habits, interests and location information. In this way, advertisers can target their campaigns effectively and reach their target groups optimally.
  4. real-time optimization By connecting directly to the ad server, DOOH marketers can monitor and optimize their clients' campaigns. For example, advertisers can quickly adjust or deactivate ads that are not performing as they should.
  5. reporting and analysis The booking software provides detailed reporting and analysis of DOOH campaigns by providing information on ad delivery, reach achieved and campaign success. This helps advertisers monitor the performance of their campaigns and make adjustments if necessary.

Overall, modern booking software supports the booking and delivery process of DOOH campaigns via DOOH-specific ad servers such as Ayuda by Hivestack or Broadsign. It integrates DOOH specific ad servers, automates the booking process, supports audience targeting, and provides real-time optimization and delivers detailed reporting and analytics. As a result, DOOH marketers can help their customers reach target groups in the best possible way and successfully implement their DOOH advertising campaigns.

Nautilus maps the complete campaign management process of offer, order and delivery. Billing for publishers or agencies comes from one system and can be based on complex discount and billing procedures.

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